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Highway VIBE

Highway VIBE is a unique mix of contemporary music and information to keep the Las Vegas and Laughlin visitor entertained and up to date! 98/99 FM – The Highway VIBE. Your hits, traffic, weather and everything Vegas.


Highway DRIVE

With a music library of roughly eleventy-billion songs*, from all kinds of different music styles, the DRIVE is perfect for those of us who can’t make up our minds. We Play It All.

*Actual number of songs may vary.



Highway Country is a mainstream station playing today’s hot new country and all-time favorites from George Strait to Taylor Swift.

Highway Radio Profile

Highway Radio is an unparalleled medium that reaches the largest single market of tourists heading to southern Nevada. We provide advertisers an opportunity to have an intimate conversation with 14 million tourists over a 4 to 6 hour period; 35% of those tourists are undecided on accommodations.

Strategically placed radio towers create complete continuous coverage of over 40,000 square miles of the Mojave Desert and the southern Nevada pipeline — I-15 — allowing you to reach millions of travelers and hundreds of thousands of Mojave residents. 400,000 watts of power insures high quality reception throughout the desert.

The Highway Radio audience is a captive audience. Travelers across the Mojave face a 4 to 8 hour drive to tourism destinations in southern Nevada. They want and need traffic, weather, entertainment and accommodation information. For 33 years, Highway Radio has delivered just that.

Highway Radio is without peers because it is the only broadcaster serving this huge feeder market with up-to-the-minute traffic and weather information 24/7…that’s all night and weekends too!

Highway Radio’s Reach

Highway Radio reaches over 3 million people

per month and is continually growing. With a broader reach in Las Vegas, The Highway Vibe has continuous listeners as well as listeners traveling the highway.