Highway Rock

It’s the Only Rock Out Here. 96.9 South. 94.9 North.

Highway Rock, DRIVE 96.9/94.9 is the hardest rockin’ station in the nation, celebrating the glory days of rock radio, when hard rock, heavy metal, and hair bands ruled the airwaves.

Although unabashedly nostalgic, DRIVE 96.9/94.9 also plays the loud stuff from the 90’s, the 2000’s, as well as the best new Pure Rock, too.

Every hour features DRIVE-Thru Comedy, featuring the top stand-up performers of all-time, as well as traffic and weather updates for travelers heading to and from Vegas and the River, delivered by actual humans, not robots.

Sunday nights are extra loud across the Mojave, with weekly shows from Full Metal Jackie, Charlie Kendall’s Metalshop, and LA Lloyd’s Rock 30 delivering exclusive interviews with the top stars of the world of hard rock and heavy metal.

Rock Report:
The latest updates from the world of hard rock and heavy metal, anchored by veteran rock radio personality Mel.

Trash Talk:

Rock Radio personality Jack Trash connects with the top names of the rock world for an inside look at the rock world from the 80’s to today.

Gonzo Greg:

An original DJ on LA’s Pure Rock radio station, Gonzo drops in 24/7 with updates from the world of hard rock and heavy metal.

Full Metal Jackie:

The first lady of heavy metal, takes no prisoners, and rocks and talks with the top names in the world of hard rock.

Charlie Kendall’s Metal Shop:

The original MetalShop is back. It’s the show that introduced heavy music to a generation, late at night on “mainstream” rock stations. 

LA Lloyd’s Rock 30: Connecting with the top artists of contemporary hard rock, LA Lloyd counts down the top rock songs of the week.