World of Croncrete 2019: Bringing in trucks challenging — VIDEO

The 2019 World of Concrete trade show is all about size: large attendance rates, big company names, and massive machines.

Glenn Pochocki, director of vocational sales for Indiana-based Autocar, said the process of moving in trucks that weigh up to 60,000 pounds takes multiple days. The trucks are brought in the week before the show from out of state, cleaned up and then brought indoors.

“It’s relatively painless if you’ve done it several times,” he said. “It takes time and good driving skills to get them in and get them positioned where you want and just a lot of planning ahead of time to get it done.”

Gary Weisman, vice president of Italian company Magni, said bringing in the telescopic handlers takes about three people. The machines can weigh up to 65,000 pounds.

“They have massive doors here and we can drive right in,” he said. The organizers “did a

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