Leaving Las Vegas

Enjoy Beautiful Jean and Primm, NV

This is why you're not moving.

If you haven’t made the drive back to Los Angeles from Las Vegas recently, you’re in for a real treat, specially on holiday weekends. (Yes, the sarcasm switch is on.)

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has unleashed their shiny, new Joint Port of Entry (JPOE) on southbound Interstate 15 just south of the California/Nevada state line and now is in the process of dismantling the old Agricultural Inspection Station on southbound I-15 in Yermo.

Although it may help keep California safe from bugs, the $43 million project just south of Primm, Nevada, does virtually ensure that you’ll spend some extra time getting across the state line, often up to about 30 extra minutes on the busiest weekends, slowing traffic up as far back as the Jean exit.

Since it might be slow and go for a bit, you may want to check out the 60 clean restroom stalls and 96 fuel pumps at the World’s Largest Chevron, and Terrible’s Roadhouse at exit 2 off the I-15. There’s a White Castle with a drive-thru as well.

The new four-lane bug-stop serves only passenger cars and trucks. Big rigs use a separate facility that requires them to exit I-15 at the California Highway Patrol Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facility which is before the new Agricultural Inspection Station.

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