When the King saved Vegas

When the King saved Vegas

Elvis in Vegas. By Richard Zoglin. Simon & Schuster; 304 pages; $28 and £18.99. MUCH WAS riding on Elvis Presley’s return to Las Vegas in 1969. It had been nearly a decade since he had played to a live audience, and Vegas offered a chance to revive a career mired in middling movies and synthetic songs. The timing was right for the city, too, which had lost some of the glamour of its early-1960s heyday, when the crooning of cool cats such as Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin packed the lounges. The rise of the counterculture had made it look square; most young performers had little interest in supplying the kind of schmaltz it had become known for. Get our daily newsletter “In a town that got blindsided by the rock revolution, it was only fitting that Vegas would turn to the original rock ’n’ roller, Elvis Presley, as […]

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