What to expect from this monsoon season and beyond

What to expect from this monsoon season and beyond

If you think the weather has been weird recently—a lot wetter and cooler than usual—it’s not just in your mind. This has been the rainiest start of the year since 2005. The average annual rainfall in Las Vegas is 4.19 inches; we already reached 4.51 inches by May. Some people are afraid that a chilly spring means a hotter summer. Here’s the truth: Gorelow says that more cloud cover because of El Niño could lead to higher average temps in the summer—not because the highs are higher, but because the clouds keep the nightly lows warmer. Think of the clouds as a blanket on the city that keeps the heat in. For insight into this wacky weather, as well as the latest predictions, we spoke with Andy Gorelow, a meteorologist for the Las Vegas branch of the National Weather Service. Gorelow has been watching the weather in the Vegas […]

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