The STRAT’s new ‘Celestia’ could be a summer family hit

The STRAT’s new ‘Celestia’ could be a summer family hit

A sneak peek look at Celestia, the new show at The Strat, Wed May 29, 2019. Create an athletic, acrobatic, fast-moving take on a traditional circus-style production, spike it with talented performers and original music and drop the whole thing inside a 30,000-square-foot tent on the Las Vegas Strip at a casino resort with free parking. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect easy-access, all-ages show for the summer? As long as the AC is keeping that tent cool, it could be a winner. “Celestia” opened for previews at the STRAT on May 11 and hosted its grand opening last week. Originally announced in November for a January opening, the show was restructured with a different creative team and the results are impressively cohesive. It plays like a greatest-hits collection of familiar circus acts—hand-balancing, contortion, aerialists and even the Wheel of Death—with no breaks in the action and a decidedly […]

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