The most spectacular shows of Las Vegas

The most spectacular shows of Las Vegas

(CNN) — You don’t need to be a gambler to enjoy Las Vegas, since it’s also known as the entertainment capital of the world. It’s in this city — Sin City — where bold-faced names go — and stay — to play. It’s where award-winning musicians, Rock and Roll hall-of-famers and the best of the best play night after night, week after week, sometimes month after month. And there’s little wonder as to the city’s popularity among performers: What beats playing to a crowd out to have a rollicking good time? But there’s more to Vegas nightlife and entertainment than music. Magicians, comedians and, uh, Magic Mike, are all there, too. The award-winning career musician brings the energy to the iconic Westgate Theater in Las Vegas. Barry Manilow’s energy on the Las Vegas stage he’s been calling his second home since February 2019 is infectious. Never before has there […]

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