Star Trek’s Brent Spiner talks Data & convention in Las Vegas

Star Trek's Brent Spiner talks Data & convention in Las Vegas

Photo Credit: Courtesy CBS Studios

{/p} KSNV — Iconic characters return to stage, screen and convention hall when the words Star Trek are uttered. Bigger and with a depth that cannot be measured, the universe that holds the fandom that Gene Roddenberry created over 50 years ago is alive and well. It can be seen daily in the hearts of Trekkies and the actors that have portrayed beloved characters. Among those gifted with a character that allowed true acting width and breadth to be achieved, is Brent Spiner. His portrayal of Data reached television audiences and moviegoers with an ever-changing and growing persona. An android that was not gifted with human emotions and understanding, but a resolve to reach for humanity and its ideals. While beloved for his work as Data, true fans also know of his Broadway work, taking the stage to embody other beloved characters in such plays […]

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