‘Mystére’ is a never-ending story

‘Mystére’ is a never-ending story

Entertainment Cirque du Soleil is all about moments. It may be just one moment in any of its six Las Vegas Strip productions, perhaps not even the most iconic imagery associated with that particular show, but it’s unforgettable all the same. And isolating a single scene—and thinking about it for days afterward—can really make one appreciate the exhaustive artistry injected into every detail. Cirque du Soleil’s Mystére celebrated its 25th anniversary in Las Vegas at Treasure Island in December. While the resort has changed ownership a few times, adjusted its offerings and generally evolved into a much different destination than when it was new, Mystére has persevered along its original path, never needing a wholesale renovation. It is the foundation for the entertainment empire Cirque du Soleil has built on the Strip, the first permanent installation that set an original trend and forever altered Las Vegas and theater in […]

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