Las Vegas can be proud of UNLV

Las Vegas can be proud of UNLV

Thank you to Brian Greenspun for a wonderful column about UNLV (“ UNLV now sits on a very short list ,” Feb. 3). When I joined UNLV as an assistant professor of physics in 2003, I never imagined that the university would grow as much as it has. But it has. As a professor, I love my job and the chance to positively change the world one student at a time. I am thrilled that we have achieved high research activity status and proud that I contributed to that status in a small way by teaching my students how to think outside of the box and perform research that is essential to the economic growth and well-being of our nation. Las Vegas is one of America’s most famous cities. It deserves a high-quality university. When I started at UNLV and would travel for my research, people on planes would […]

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