Her Vegas: Common, ‘Magic Mike Live’ and more

Her Vegas: Common, 'Magic Mike Live' and more

Success in many worlds For rapper Common , music and activism have always gone hand in hand. The Chicago native’s first major mainstream success came with his appearance on the 1996 AIDS benefit album America Is Dying Slowly , and his lyrics have often tackled social issues. Even as he’s branched out from music into acting, he’s kept political consciousness at the center of his work. As an author, he recently released his second memoir, Let Love Have the Last Word , which helped kick-start a conversation about sexual abuse among African-American men. “I felt I wanted to create a space for people who have experienced that to be able to share that,” Common told Good Morning America about revealing the story of his own sexual abuse in the book. Common’s hip-hop hits include “The 6th Sense,” “Retrospect for Life,” “The Light,” “The Corner” and “Glory,” which won him […]

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