Going to Psycho Fest? Here’s What Else You Can Do in Vegas

Going to Psycho Fest? Here's What Else You Can Do in Vegas

The 2019 edition of Psycho Fest, in Las Vegas, promises to be legendary! The organizers promise amazing performances from the best of the best in metal, sludge, punk, doom, and more heavy genres we all love and appreciate. Now, if at any point you find yourself in need of other types of entertainment, remember that you’re in Sin City, the one town where people really know how to party. And, just to give you a preview, here are some of the events and activities that may spice up the deal. Show you Shouldn’t Miss Cirque Du Soleil Representations If you enjoy watching the best circus performers in the world give mouth-dropping representations, then you’re in the right place! Even more, Cirque Du Soleil’s representations in August 2019 will be hosted by the Mandalay Bay resort, the very same that also hosts the Psycho Fest! World-Class Concerts If you’re looking […]

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