Five times comedian Tiffany Haddish has lifted her projects to new heights

1. Navigating South Central LA was only the beginning of Haddish’s gripping, rags-to-riches memoir The Last Black Unicorn. She was 8 years old when her stepfather tampered with the family car’s brakes in an attempt to kill all six members. Her mother’s brain injury in the ensuring crash triggered schizophrenia and physical violence. Haddish was placed in foster care at age 13, was sexually assaulted by a family friend, slept in her car and suffered domestic abuse as an adult. After a social worker offered Haddish the choice between psychiatric therapy and comedy camp, getting interrupted and critiqued onstage by Richard Pryor proved decidedly manageable in comparison.

2. NBC sitcom The Carmichael Show might have lasted only three seasons, but Haddish made the breakout role of Nekeisha Williams more than memorable. Whether tackling topics including gentrification, religion, abortion, Black Lives Matter, transgender issues and Bill Cosby, her estranged wife of

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