Explore the Las Vegas Wilderness

Explore the Las Vegas Wilderness

Pine Creek Canyon at sunrise Forget dancing waters on the Vegas Strip. Want to see a real show? Head 17 miles west of Sin City to Red Rock Canyon , where a geologic rumble 65 million years ago turned everything upside-down. The result is a topsy-turvy wonderland that juts 3,000 feet out of the Mojave Desert. Stage a visit in early spring, when 60°F days are the norm and occasional precip keeps the tinajas full. It’s sure to outshine the neon mirage next door. The Insider When Joel Brewster moved to Nevada 20 years ago, he joined the Las Vegas Mountaineers Club and started ticking off the group’s Classic Peaks, a selection of the region’s best summits, including four in Red Rock Canyon. The 47-year-old professional gambler has since completed all 50 Classics and continues to hit Red Rock every month to hike and prep for summer expeditions. Wake-up […]

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