Could the Oakland A’s be on the move to Las Vegas?

Could the Oakland A's be on the move to Las Vegas?

The Oakland Athletics could be Las Vegas-bound as Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred threatened to move the team if the Oakland City Council doesn’t drop its lawsuit against the ball club. With the city of Oakland embroiled in a lawsuit over the ownership of the A’s ballpark, Manfred stepped in and added a bit of weight to the situation. And if the A’s make the move it would make it the second professional sports franchise from Oakland to flee to the desert of Nevada. The Oakland Raiders are leaving for Sin City for the 2020 season. The threat comes amid years of strife between the A’s and the city as the ball club attempts to build a ballpark that can compete with other modern stadiums. But David Samson, former president of the Miami Marlins, doesn’t think that the Athletics will be on the move anytime soon. The dialogue […]

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